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Janet Barkhouse


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Mahone Bay
Janet Barkhouse’s poems and stories have been published across Canada in such journals as CV2, TNQ, Riddle Fence, Room, and the Literary Review of Canada. Her debut collection of poems, Salt Fires, published by Pottersfield Press in the fall of 2018, follows on two chapbooks--Silence, and Sable Island Fieldnotes (with photographs by Zoe Lucas); a docupoem short screened at Lunenburg Doc Fest 2017; and three children’s books. In 2013-14 she was Artist in Residence with her daughter, singer-songwriter Alex Hickey, at Dalhousie’s Medical School, through their Humanities-HEALS program.


Books and other publications
Books and Chapbooks:
Salt Fires. Lawrencetown Beach, NS: Pottersfield Press, 2018.
Sable Island Fieldnotes: poems by Janet Barkhouse; photographs by Zoe Lucas. Halifax: Friends of the Green Horse Society, 2017.
Keeper of the Light. Halifax: Formac Publishing Company, 2016. Picture book, illus. Thérèse Cilia.
Silence: Poems by Janet Barkhouse. Chapbook. Self-published. Handmade by Nancy French, Lindenlea Paper, Ottawa, 2015.
Pit Pony: The Picture Book. Halifax: Formac Publishing Company, 2012. Picture book, illus. Sydney Smith. Original novel by Joyce Barkhouse.
Sable Island--Imagine! Toronto: Curriculum Plus, 2010. Children's chapter book; illus. Sally Bratt.

Battered Luggage: Celebrating Jack Kerouac. Canadian Beat Scene, 2022.
Down Home for Christmas: Holiday Stories from Atlantic Canada. Ed. Julia Swan and Lesley Choyce. Halifax: Pottersfield Press, 2021.
The Time After: An Anthology of Atlantic Canada. Ed. Miriam Dunn. Toronto: League of Canadian Poets Chapbook Series, 2020.
Gathering In: Covid-19 Silver Linings: Nova Scotia Writers, Artists and Musicians. Ed. Pat Thomas. NS: WindyWood Publishing, 2020.
My Nova Scotia Home. Ed. Vernon Oickle. NS: MacIntyre Purcell Publishing, 2019.
Aubades: Poetry and Prose from Nova Scotia Writers. Ed. E. Alex Pierce. NS: Boularderie Island Press, 2018.
Whispers of Mermaids and Wonderful Things: Children's Poetry and Verse from Atlantic Canada. Ed. Sheree Fitch and Ann Hunt. Halifax: Nimbus Publishing, 2017.
Untying the Apron: Daughters Remember Mothers of the 50s. Ed. Lorri Neilsen Glenn. Toronto: Guernica, 2013.
Indian Path Common: its flora, fauna & history. Ed. S. Kashanski and C. Pross. Lunenburg, 2010.
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