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A. Gregory Frankson


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Greg Frankson, OCT, B.Ed, also known as Ritallin,. is a Toronto-based poet, author, educator and community activist. As Founder & CEO of Voice Share, he helps clients become Inspired Communicators™ through customized coaching, mentorship and training programs and delivers creative services at public events as a performance artist, emcee, poet-in-residence, and professional speaker.

Greg has been facilitating and speaking at mental health, diversity and anti-discrimination events across Canada since the late 1990s. He has participated in gatherings in North America and internationally penning poetic reflections on the current state of global mental health systems. He served as the Poet Laureate of the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership and has worked on projects with Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Services, Mental Health Commission of Canada and the Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health (USA), among others.

He appeared on CBC TV’s Canada’s Smartest Person in 2012 and is the former resident poet on the CBC Radio One program Here and Now Toronto. Greg has published four poetry collections and his work appears in three poetry anthologies and numerous literary journals. He has also released four studio recordings and collaborated musically with several notable emcees, DJs and vocalists. In 2010, Greg was profiled by Who’s Who In Black Canada. In 2012, he won a national poetry slam championship. He was inducted to the VERSe Ottawa Hall of Honour in 2013 for his contributions to the literary arts in the capital. In 2014, Greg was nominated for a Black Canadian Award for Best Spoken Word.

In addition to his artistic achievements, Greg was the first African Canadian to serve as President of Canada’s oldest undergraduate student government at Queen’s University in 1996-97 and was a vocal advocate for the on-campus recognition of Robert Sutherland, Canada’s first Black university graduate and the first Black lawyer in British North America. In October 2009, Queen’s officially rededicated its Policy Studies Building as Robert Sutherland Hall.

A 1999 graduate of the Queen’s Concurrent Education program, Greg is an elected member of the Queen’s University Council and the editor of the upcoming AfriCANthology: Perspectives of Black Canadian Poets, to be published by Renaissance Press in February 2022.


Books and other publications
• "AfriCANthology: Perspectives of Black Canadian Poets" edited by A. Gregory Frankson, Renaissance Press, 2022 (ISBN 1990086098)
• "Cerebral Confections" by A. Gregory Frankson, Platinum Grammar Publishing, 2021 (coming November 2021)
• "A Weekly Dose of Ritallin" by A. Gregory Frankson, Friesen Press, 2015 (ISBN 1460255452)
• Contributor to "The Great Black North: Contemporary African Canadian Poetry" anthology, Frontenac House, 2013 (ISBN 1897181833)
• "Lead on a Page: The Poetic Leadership of a Laureate" by A. Gregory Frankson, International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (New Zealand), 2012 (ISBN 9781452230337)
• Contributor to "That Not Forgotten" anthology, North Shore Series, Hidden Book Press, 2012 (ISBN 1897475896)
• Contributor to "Mic Check: An Anthology of Spoken Word Poetry", Quattro Books, 2008 (ISBN 0978280652)
• "Cerebral Stimulation" by A. Gregory Frankson, BeWrite Books, 2006 (ISBN 1905202326)
Awards and other achievements
2021 ByBlacks.com People's Choice Award, Best Author
2018 Grand Slam Finalist, Inspirational Speaker of the Year, Speaker Slam
2013 Inductee, VERSe Ottawa Hall of Honour
2012 Canadian poetry slam champion
2005 Honoured Man of the Village Award, Every Child is Sacred (Ottawa)
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Find Greg on Medium at greg-frankson.medium.com or @AGregoryFrankson on Facebook. Learn more about Voice Share at @voiceshareinc or visit voiceshareinc.com. For information about presentation services, coaching, facilitation, educational programs and/or performance bookings, please call 416-732-3625 or email raiseyourvoice@voiceshareinc.com.
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  • Canada Poetry Tours (national)
  • Readings in Public Places (Toronto)
  • Poets in the Schools (Ontario)
  • National Poetry Month (national, April only)
International bookings
Greg has participated in conferences, readings, performances and professional development events at the international level, including the United States, Trinidad, New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland. Please contact Greg directly via phone or email to book him to participate in your upcoming international event.
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